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Ryan Murphy Keeps Teasing Us…

Here are some quotes from Glee creator, Ryan Murphy, this week that have left Gleeks all a twitter [via E!]:

I think there’s three relationships that are the corner of the show. Finn and Rachel, of course. I think Will and Emma, for sure.  And that’s very on and off this year in the back nine. And then I think Will and Sue. We do a very interesting episode where Matt [Morrison] seduces Jane [Lynch]. He does ‘Tell Me Something Good’ by Chaka Khan and tries to get her to fall in love with him.


Lea and Idina Menzel will do an acoustic version of ‘Poker Face’ that [Lady Gaga] blessed and that she wanted us to do. It’s sort of like a stripped-down mother-daughter ‘Poker Face’ that Lady Gaga was involved in.

Ok so hold up.  Shue and Sue??  Apparently it’s all going to be part of the master plan of Gll vs. Sue, but still seducing her?  This I cannot wait to see…

As for the Indina/Shelby, Lea/Rachel mother-daughter storyline, I’m pretty sure Gleeks pointed this out a long time ago.  I mean they do look a lot a like…  I think it would actually be a a great twist of Rachel finding out her biological mother is actually the coach of the rival Glee club.  And maybe it would be earth shattering for Shelby who is already trying to sabotage New Directions.  So much good Glee to come.  I can’t wait!


You Look So Familiar…

So I’ve been watching The Pacific (Tom Hank’s and Steven Spielberg’s mini-series on HBO) and so far so good.  I kind of wish there was a little more of the beginning history lesson (I’m a huge fan of documentaries) but I do like it.

One thing that has been bothering me is that all the actors somehow look familiar.  After each episode I still go on imdb to try and find out if I do know them from somewhere.  Now I still haven’t figured out where I know one of the lead actors, James Badge Dale, but I have decided who he looks like.

If Matthew Morrison (of Glee) and Dick Van Dyke (of everything) had a baby, James Badge Dale you would be it. [Specifically I’m referring to a scene in Part III when he is on someone’s doorstep.  Trust me, you’ll see it.]


New Details on NPH on Glee (May Contain Spoilers)

If you don’t want to know some very specific details of NPH’s upcoming appearance on Glee then DO NOT keep reading after the picture… (I am totally giving you fair warning)

NPH is going to play a high school rival of Shue’s (Matt Morrison) from Glee Club past.  His character, named Bryan Adams (really?) is on the board of McKinley High and is on board for cutting the show choir from the school’s budget due to his bitterness towards the fact that he never became famous.

Apparently there will be an amazing duet between the two and some great flashbacks.  I can’t wait!  How about we get some April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) action in on this too.  I would LOVE to see NPH and Kristin together!

Glee returns Tuesday April 15th on Fox (only 39 more days!)

And We’re Back!


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