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What Am I Watching?

It’s that time again, I’ve started another series.  This time it’s The West Wing.  Now I have seen a bunch of episodes from 2004 (season 5ish)  This was because my high school government teacher thought it was a good substitute for actual teaching (gotta love public high school).  I don’t remember too much, but I have friends refer to it all the time and I want to explore the writing of Mr. Aaron Sorkin.

So far I’m 7 episodes in (started yesterday) and I have a few observations.  I like that it’s quick and witty.  I enjoy the real life parallels so far and can’t wait to see more (9/11, war on terrorism, what not)  I love Allison Janney and pretty much am annoyed with almost all other female characters (well except Mrs. Landingham)

I’ll keep up to date with thoughts after I finish each season.  What’s really hard when I’m doing this is not to keep looking at wikipedia because things usually get ruined for me (ex.  I wanted to make sure I was getting the  name “Landingham” right and found out about something that happens to her in season 2…  I hate spoliers!)


Gilligan, Again?

Gilligan’s Island is heading to the big screen, according to Variety.  Warner Brothers and Atlas entertainment are working on bringing the show (which lasted only 3 season, 98 episodes) along with the shows original producer Sherwood Schwartz and his son Lloyd.

The original show ended with the characters still stranded on the island when the show failed to get picked up for a fourth season.  Sherman Schwartz has said that he would like to see Michael Cera play the role of Gilligan and Beyonce as Ginger.

I don’t know how this would turn out…  I’m thinking a funnier version of LOST?  It might be hard to see someone trying to make a coconut phone these days.

And We’re Back!

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