You Know You’re on National Television, Right?

Anyone watch The Marriage Ref this week?  This was the one I was waiting for with Madonna, Ricky Gervais and Larry David.  A couple things starting out.  Has anyone else noticed that host Tom Papa is starting to sound more and more like Jerry Seinfeld?  It’s starting to freak me out just a bit…

I’m pretty sure this the theme of this week’s show was, do you know you’re on national television?  Do these people know what they’re setting themselves up for/the celebrity panel can be quite mean.  I really hope the couples on the show are all able to take all that it said with a grain of salt.  With that being said I thought Mr. Bitter Divorcee, Larry David was hi-larious.  Madonna, I was really proud that you showed no sign of a fake British accent (although I think Ricky Gervais would have called you out on it).

I’m still freaked out (as I think the panelists are) by the upper back audience.  I also missed Merv Albert’s recap this week.  Did anyone notice that the last husband (the one with the crazy mother) looked a lot like Bruce Vilanch when they interviewed him?  And why did Jerry Seinfeld come out at the end to hug everyone?  (I want him to be on the show!)

I think I will end up watching the show again, but that was only after seeing the preview for next week.  I could take it or leave it with guest panelists Cedric the Entertainer or Jason Alexander, but Martha Stewart! She will be the sole reason I am watching next week.


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